Minibus Drivers

Location: Shropshire
Employment: Seasonal / Temporary
Salary: on Application - rates of pay vary depending on experience

As part of the Harvesting Team you will be responsible for the smooth operational needs and coordination, to ensure that our employees are transported to and from fields in a safe manner, complying with all driving legislation in the UK.  This includes following speed limits, observing road sign instructions, any PDM specific instructions on roads to use or avoid and appropriate driving requirements in fields.  With this role you have to be trustworthy, conscientious and show good time keeping, due to demands of the position.

Additional responsibilities will include, daily maintenance checks of your vehicle, to ensure it roadworthy and maintaining a clean vehicle inside and out, at all times.

Flexibility will be required in working hours, as we may start or finish late, due to the weather and customer orders. 

You must hold a current, clean driving licence including category D1, Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) card or added 95 code to your license.

Please tell us about your relevant licences and experience when applying.

To reassure you, your safety is our priority, and even more in these times of COVID-19 and all measures will be taken to ensure this.