Innovation at our heart

We’re continuously innovating and using market insights to develop new products that consumers will love. Our commitment is inherent throughout PDM, in delivering the best tasting produce and ongoing growth & development.

In 2019, we launched the first phase of our brand-new dedicated innovation centre with a purpose-built pilot plant facility and development kitchen. This centre is dedicated to developing newness, freshness and products that give consumers convenient healthy tasty salad solutions.

New product development

We work closely with all specialist seed houses trialling and developing new and different flavours and leaf types, bringing fresh newness to market, faster.

Shoppers, consumers and our customers are at the heart of our insight and innovation development. Using extensive qualitative and quantitative methods to deliver fresh and new first to market flavours and concepts.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that innovation should flow throughout the whole business, which is why we’re constantly delivering new ideas from automation and packaging development and reduction to deliver longer shelf life and reduce food waste.


Investing in precision farming technology, machinery and resource management to utilise and protect the environment is crucial to us. Our team is made up of product experts and in-house engineers who work in partnership with specialist suppliers to review and improve our processes, continuously building our own innovative technology that lessens the impact on the ground and the crops.

We work with

We’re proud to work in partnership with some of Britain’s leading retailers, foodservice companies, wholesalers and specialist outlets.