Environmental responsibility and sustainability

Our Precious Land Resource

As our predecessors were caretakers of the land before us, we too are custodians of the incredible land resource we are privileged to be entrusted with, and endeavour to leave as little imprint as possible.

It is our responsibility to respect and look after the land that feeds us and the environment we live in. We’ve been entrusted with an important role – not only to feed the current population, but to care for this wonderful natural resource for future generations.

We have a duty to work in harmony with nature and conduct our farming practices to responsibly utilise our water and soil resources to produce the crops, whilst also respecting and protecting these resources.

Some examples of how we do this include:

Tree Planting – We have both significant mature woodland areas which we inherited and have continued to nurture, as well as creating new woodlands. This is supported by our continual tree planting programme, which saw a further 30,000 trees planted over the past 2 years.

Nurturing Wildlife – Throughout the farm we have pockets where we have drilled special nectar mixes full of grasses and flower species to attract pollinating insects and bees and will support wildlife all year round. This includes enhancing habitats for BAP identified bird species and bumbles bees.

Cover Crops – We manage soil health in the winter months by growing cover crops.

Crop Rotation – For overall soil and environmental health.

Solar Energy – Up to 35% of our electricity is generated by the solar panels we have invested in.

Heat recycling – we recycle heat generated in our production processes to heat our water.

Water – harvest rainwater from the roofs of our buildings and recycle water from the high care production sites for irrigating.

Waste Separation, Reduction & Recycling – We operate a strong recycling ethos throughout the entire business by recycling all available materials on site, delivering zero to landfill . We have reduced our packaging and we are actively working towards all products produced being fully recyclable.

We work with

We’re proud to work in partnership with some of Britain’s leading retailers, foodservice companies, wholesalers and specialist outlets.