Our produce

As one of the UK’s leading salad growers, in 2021 alone we grew over 8,800 tonnes of baby leaf and over 70 million heads of lettuce and celery. We’re experts in flavour and combine our passion for growing, production and product development with the latest technology to deliver fresh solutions and delicious produce. 

We’ve been entrusted with a responsibility to look after the land and grow high-quality, nutritious salads. We’re passionate about producing salads the consumer will love, which is why we nurture the produce from its seed, all the way to your plate.


Our prepared salads family contains over 20 varieties of bagged salads that include a range of our luscious leaves from baby spinach leaf and kale to rocket and chard. We’re always innovating our growing process to deliver the very best in a range of tasty salads to accommodate the consumers’ needs, from mixed baby leaf, kale mix and fiery wild rocket to tasty herb and superfood salads.

We’re the first integrated fully prepared bagged salads operation and are constantly growing and developing ideas to ensure even better flavours and consumer appeal.

In 2021, we produced over 1.5 million bags of prepared salad each week and continue to focus on providing the freshest ideas and the best ingredients.

head Salads

From mixed bagged salads to simple whole heads – we’re committed to providing excellence across the board. From plant to harvest, our whole head salads go through the same careful process to ensure only the very best produce reaches the consumer.

We begin by preparing the ground, ready to nurture the seedlings, before they’re selected to meet customer specification, quality checked and cut by hand.

We grow numerous, different types of delicious whole head including iceberg, romaine, gems, speciality lettuce and celery.


Our fields of delicious leafy greens inspired us to create a range of healthy, cold-pressed juices, designed to get more fruit and veg into people, easily. We aim to keep as much of the good stuff in our drinks as possible which is why we use a cold process with HPP technology to retain the highest levels of nutrients, flavour and vitamins.

We press and bottle the juices right here on our Shropshire farm, so you can trust them to be delicious, high-quality and jammed with healthy stuff. It’s good sense, bottled.

We grow 8,000 tonnes of baby leaves in Shropshire alone and pack over 14,500 tonnes of prepared salad annually

We work with

We’re proud to work in partnership with some of Britain’s leading retailers, foodservice companies, wholesalers and specialist outlets.