Field Based Harvesting Team Members

Location: Shropshire
Employment: Seasonal / Temporary
Salary: Earn c£400 per

As a harvesting team member, you will be working in the fields, harvesting our salad produce from end of April through to October.

This involves working as part of a team, cutting, packing and labelling lettuce in the field on a mobile rig.  

It is important that you are physically fit as the role requires bending, walking and lifting.  This is a challenging job, but can be rewarding, a good opportunity to meet new people and provide you with an insight into a new industry.  

Our business has a diverse workforce and you will need to work as a team at all times to meet the high standards and required orders

Flexibility will be required in working hours, as we may start or finish late, due to the weather and customer orders. You will need to have the right attitude and the ability to turn up for work when scheduled.  Due to our location transport is essential to the main site and transport will be available to take you to field locations.

No experience is required as you will be trained thoroughly in how to do the role.  Training starts with your paid induction on day one.

To reassure you, your safety is our priority, and even more in these times of COVID-19 and all measures will be taken to ensure this.

Please tell us about your current experience and skills when applying.

Application Closing Date: 31st March 2022, shortly after Interviews will be scheduled for successful candidates